Why donate? Where is the money going?

In order to make Black Girl’s Be Like a reality I need the proper funding. My past films have been made with little to no budgets. It is my plan for this film to reach larger audiences and that can’t be done without financial support. All the basics of production will be covered; insurance, cast, crew, locations, catering, set dec, props, etc. As well as postproduction, which is a huge key in producing a great finished product. I’m collaborating with an awesome crew that is great in their perspective crafts.


As an independent contractor myself, I know how important it is for our work to be valued and compensated. I would like to translate the kind of professionalism I encounter working on network television/films to my own set, which includes paying and feeding people.


Principle photography will be done in my hometown of Grand Rapids, MI, a town that once benefited from a fruitful film incentive but has since lost. It is my hope that my film, in some small way, can bring the love of filmmaking back to the city. By employing local cast, talent, and vendors I hope to add a small spike in the Grand Rapids economy. In short help fund my film because the story needs to be told. Our girls need to know that there are other people like them out there and that the everyday struggle they encounter isn’t singular.

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"Black Girls Be Like" crew neck t-shirt recognizes and supports indie film making. Proceeds go towards funding the "Black Girls Be Like" film.

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