Black Girl’s Be Like is the girls’ side of the story. Very often we see a woman at the end of her journey with no clue of how she got there. No one starts out broken, hard, and difficult to love. Yes, even the most hardened woman started out as an innocent girl.


What happens to one as they ditch the innocence of girlhood and slip into the woman they will become? Black Girl’s Be Like is a coming of age tale of a girl at the cusp, with the limitless potential that only a child could possess. Does she fall in line with the others and become what her environment dictates? Or does she break out and blaze a new trail?

Ta’Sheena is every girl, in every school in a failing district, in every urban community. You ever wonder who was the name behind the statistic? What blurred out child’s face you see in the 5:00 news? This film portrays what young women in such environments experience on a daily basis and how innocence is constantly threatened. In the ongoing narrative of “the hood” who is the heroine?



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